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Myanmar Driving License

In Myanmar, traffic drives on the right. There has been some modernisation of Myanmar’s once antiquated vehicles. Roads are poorly maintained and can become impassable in the rainy season, from May to October. Generally, road travel to tourist destinations is safe, although some roads may be rough. Highways are often 2-lane, and cars often pass one another recklessly.

Travel restrictions and poor road conditions inhibit the use of privately owned vehicles for long trips outside of Yangon.

Accidents and fatalities are common. Night-time road travel is not recommended, and medical facilities are extraordinarily limited in rural areas.

Those wishing to drive must apply for a Myanmar licence at the Department for Road Transport and Administration in Yangon, as an International Driving Licence isn't accepted.

Application requirements include: a valid driver’s licence, three small (1”x1”) photographs, a photocopy of your passport. You will not have to take a written or road test. You can expect to receive a Myanmar driver’s licence within a week or two.





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